GRUNDTVIG AWARD / best example

Predstava “Sestre po oružju” Hleb Teatra i AKE AKE Teatra sa Novog Zelanda je u 2014. godini izabran kao jedna od najboljih primera edukativnih projekata o Prvom svetskom ratu .

EAEA Grundtvig nagrada 2014 je povezana sa projektom organizacija DVV i EAEA Sećanja za budućnost koji se bavi temama kulture sećanja i mirovnih studija.


Sisters in Arms“ the Hleb Teatar and AKE AKE theatre co production have been chosen as one of the best examples of work on adult education on WWI in 2014.

 The EAEA Grundtvig Award 2014 was linked to the DVV’s and EAEA’s project Remembering for the Future and focused on the topics of remembrance culture and peace education.

Sisters in Arms/Sestre po oružjuSisters in Arms/Sestre po oružjuSisters in Arms/Sestre po oružju

One thought on “GRUNDTVIG AWARD / best example”

  1. Dear Sanja and colleagues,

    CONGRATULATIONS with this price!
    I hope it is a great motivation for new Projects and collaboration!

    Warm regards,

    Maria van Bakelen & Wilbert van der Post

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