Pažljivo titlovana, ova predstava je sva sastavljena od dobro uklopljenog pokreta, uključujući fantastične akrobacije i fizičkih deonica. Ansambl od šest svestranih izvođača je upečatljivo odglumio mnoštvo uloga.”

Đžudit Paviel, The Nelson Mail


Aptly sub-titled, the production was all well-timed movement, including some amazingly stylish acrobatics and physicality. The versatile cast of six gave striking performances in multiple roles.

Rhys Latton’s strength and athleticism were commanding attributes. As well as acting, Jugoslav Hadzić led the atmospheric accompaniment on piano accordion, while diminutive, feisty Anastasia Tasić’ full, earthy voice also led on vocals, along with Jessica Latton, (Ngati Porou, Waitaha) who played the medical lead roles.

Tall, blonde Sanja Krsmanović Tasić was an anchoring presence in this impressive team.

At the end the cast invited the packed audience to choose from a list of 20 end-notes they’d like better explained, which helped connect more dots.”

Judith Paviell, ”The Nelson Mail”