The first joint performance of two future members of Hleb Theatre, Jugoslav Hadžić and Anastasia Tasić, happened in Novi Sad in 2000. Founder of Magdelena Project , Jill Greenhalgh had started the Water Wars project on Infant Festival. In this performance, Anastasia played the clarinet and Jugoslav played the guitar. It’s interesting that the artists of Hleb Theatre took part in this project several times: Sanja Krsmanović Tasić participated in the project in Providence, USA in 20004, and Jugoslav in Brisbane, Australia in 2002, as well as the last performance of the project in New Orleans, USA in 2006. The project lasted 6 years, and had been to 8 countries.

HLEB MEMBERS ON INFANT FESTIVALWater Wars participants, 2000.

Sanja Krsmanović Tasić is more than three decades present on the international and local performing arts scene, first as a dancer and choreographer, and then more than two decades as part of DAH Theatre, in whose work she participated as core member of the group and actress and teacher. In DAH Theatre Research Centre she had the role of Program Director, creating and developing numerous projects and programs.

Sanja Krmanović Tasić as Hellen KellerSanja Krsmanović Tasić as Helen Keller in Dah Theatre’s performance

Jugoslav Hadžić was part of DAH Theatre for twelve years as actor, musician and composer, and in the Centre he had the role of Technical Director.

Jugoslav and Anastasia continued to work and perform together throughout 2000-2007 in Dah Theatre’s Youth Drama Group, and took part in projects Play Against Violence and Akava Sem Amen.The group was formed and led by  Sanja Krsmanović Tasić. They later formed their own band under the name ANTI PROTIV.

The first essay in movement “Tales of Bread and Blood” by Sanja Krsmanović Tasić had it’s world premiere also on a Magdalena event, the festival “Legacy and Challenge” in Cardiff, Wales, 20.08.2011.

This year and date, the premiere of the performance, members of Hleb Theatre acknowledge as their founding date.