Hleb Theater develops an original theater forms, conceived by one of it`s founders Sanja Krsmanović Tasić „ theatrical essay„ and „essay in movement“.

A „theatrical essay“ is a new form of a narrative scenic event, in which, through artistic actions, events are shown with (self)critical reflections of their origin and consequences. The essay is always presented through elements of personal history put into a context of historic events that have influenced it directly.

An „essay in movement“ is a variation of the „theatrical essay“. Movement and dance have always been the author`s primary form of expression, hence some essays have to be written in movement.

As with any essay, the „theatrical essay „ also contain end notes, or footnotes, that will, on request, be presented in the performance space, at the end , during, or even , contrary to their name, at the very beginning of the piece. The audience chooses the order the end notes. These end notes are presented in the theater space, through texts, videos, scenes or interventions in space, interaction with the audience, or in some other, unexpected way. This form is educational and artistic and contributes to the live energy and exchange between audience members and performers.