•  THE WELCOME in Bitef Teatre
  • Sanje Krsmanović Tasić is at the 26th International Creative Drama in Education Drama Congress, Istanbul, Turkey  with the workshop About Freedom / redefining  gender roles and personal empowerment through process theatre techniques. The theme of the congress was Gender and Violence.
  •  TALES OF BREAD AND BLOOD in Bergen, Norway. Twice performed, once as a part of the international conference dedicaterd to narratives, at the University of Bergen and once for the general public.
  • PREMIERE of the performance THE WELCOME. Bitef Teatre 12. and 13. of January
  • A little tour of the performance TALES OF BREAD AND BLOOD in the USA:  Columbia, South Carolina, Cousins Theatre (Richmond, Virginia). Sanja Krsmanović Tasić does workshops with theatre students at the University of South Carolina and Richmond University.



  • Hleb Theatre participates in the international theatre  encounter –TRANSGRESSION / OVERSTEPPING, 20 year celebration of Plavo Theatre, at the round table about the tradition of contemporary theatre.
  • Prepremiere of the performance  THE WELCOME in KC Magacin in Belgrade
  • Rehearsals of THE WELCOME in KC Magacin in Belgrade
  • Dress rehearsal and public presentation of the performance in KC Magacin in Belgrade


  • Performing DADA – Bitef Theatre, Belgrade
  • Organizing the Second Children and Youth theatre Festival MATER TERRA-festival of ecology and ecology of the soul, in Belgrade, Municipality of Zvezdara (Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic- Artistic director, Anasatasia Tasic- visual identity, Jugoslav Hadzic- technical support.
  • Participation of Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic as delegate of Serbia , representative of CEDEUM, and member of the Coordination Committee of IE,at the IDEA Europe meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania



  • Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic editor and in charge of the BITEF POLIPHONY Festival, side program of Bitef (Belgrade International Theatre Festival )
  • Anastasia Tasic responsible for the visual identity of the Festival


  • Dress rehearsal in front of selected audience of THE WELCOME (Doček) in Vetrinjski Dom, Maribor
  • First public presentation of the performance (work in progress) THE WELCOME in Maribor, at the Salon Uporabnih Umetnost
  • Second public presentation of the performance (work in progress) THE WELCOME in Koper, Slovenia. at the KOPERGROUND Festival of Marko Brecelj
  • Third public presentation of the performance (work in progress) THE WELCOME in Smederevo at the Festival Patosoffiranje
  • Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic member of the jury of the Festival Patosoffiranje, Smederevo, Serbia




  • Performing DADA at Gest Festival in Secanj, Serbia
  • PRIZE: For the best transformation of documentary/research material into an work of art
  • Performing DADA in English for the first time- Bitef Theatre, Belgrade
  • Concert of ANTI PROTIV at INEX theatre
  • Participation of Sanja Krsmanović Tasić at the New Alliances for Europe Conference: Improving the quality and reach of arts and cultural education in Europe, in Wildbad Kreuth, Germany



PRIZES FOR DADA: Golden Mask (Grand Prix of the Festival) for the performance in total; Prize for the best music; Prize for the best total design.


  • Performing DADA – Bitef Theatre, Belgrade


  • Performing TALES OF BREAD AND BLOOD for high school students- Theatre Kult, Belgrade



  • 09/12/14/  OFF FRAME festival, Belgrade – “DADA-An Essay in Movement”
  • 05-07/12/14/ Workshop by Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic “O slobodi i savesti”
  • 07/12/14/ Prezentacija radionice/workshop presentation
  • 26-30/11/14/ Organization and realization of Festival MATER TERRA
  • 25/11/14/ Bitef Teatar, Belgrade -“DADA-An Essay in Movement”
  • 13-17/11/14/ Sandends, Norway – Participation of Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic at the IDEA Europe meeting
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina -Participation of Jugoslav Hadzic, at reception of Grundtvig Award
  •  01/11/14/ Rostock, Germany  – “Tales of Bread and Blood”
  • 04/11/14/ Radionica/workshop Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic
  • 02-04/11/14/ Participation of Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic at EO IDEA meeting
  • New Zealand
  • 23/10/14/  Wellington – Concert of Hleb Teatar duo
  • 18-19/10/14 Nelson Festival – “Sisters in Arms”
  • 10-11-12-13/10/14/  Dunedin Arts Festival – “Sisters in Arms”
  •  14/10/14/ Concert “Balkan Sounds with a twist”
  •  25/09/14/  Novi Sad, Pozoriste mladih – “Sisters in Arms”
  •  24/09/14/ Belgrade, Bitef Polifonija, Bitef teatar – “Sisters in Arms”
  •  26/07/14/  Pirot, Pirotsko leto – “DADA-An Essay in Movement”
  • 25/07/14/ “Tales of Bread and Blood”
  •  04/07/14/ Smederevo, PatosOFFiranje -“DADA-An Essay in Movement”
  • 13/06/14/ Festival monodrame i pantomime, Zemun “Tales of Bread and Blood”
  • 07/06/14/ Festival EX teatar fest , Pančevo – “Tales of Bread and Blood”
  • 09/05/14/  Bitef teatar, Beograd -“DADA-An Essay in Movement”
  • 02/05/14/ Festival poredak ljubavi, Zemun – “Tales of Bread and Blood”
  • 07/04/14/ Bitef Teatar, Beograd -“DADA-An Essay in Movement” , premier
  • 21/02-11/03/14/ New Zealand, Dunedin -“Sisters in Arms” beginning of the project